Issue by Issue – War is Hell #3

Artists – Dick Ayers, Paul Reinman, Frank Bolle
Inker – Ernie Bache
Letters – Dick Ayers, Joe Letterese

Four more stories make the grade in this third issue of War is Hell with the first being called Combat Team! It finds a soldier named Smitty doing his job and doing it well. The problem is that he finds himself not trusting the rest of his team to do the job as well as he can and when push comes to shove, he has no choice but to trust in his team so that they all might come out alive. A second story called At Grips With the Enemy!, sees the Allies in a spot of trouble as they have no idea how to move forward without taking heavy losses, if not a complete loss. A plan is soon made and it all falls on the shoulders of their most timid soldier, a man who embodies the word wimp and yet, to the surprise of everyone, the man comes through and even more so, surprises himself. It is a solid bit of storytelling that provides a bit of action and a fun payoff which then leads into the third outing called Jungle Trap. While there is a bit of a trap that makes itself known come the end of this adventure, it all begins with a man named Tully who moulds young soldiers into what comes to be known as Tigers. The thing that sticks in Tully’s craw is that they are all poached for other companies and the like meaning he has to continue training new recruits over and over. What he does not seem to realize is that it is all by design as the men he trains go on to become some of the best and brightest that the army has to offer. This all leads to the aforementioned trap and it is there that what he does comes to light when a number of those he trained come back to save him from the enemy. A final tale called Tin Soldier! focuses upon a young boy in India who really wants to be a soldier. He is always there to greet the soldiers when they come back home and when given a chance to go out with them on a patrol which should simply be routine, he takes it. Suffice it to say, routine goes out the door when they are attacked and he finds that he does not want to be a soldier anymore, he just wants to be able to remember it all and thus chronicle everything that happens. Each and every one of these tales is as compelling as the last and have a fair bit of action and excitement to them. All of them look great thanks to a team of great artists and for a book that is only made up of reprints, it continues to deliver.

3.5 out of 5

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