It Really Is – Killer Workout (1987)

Killer Workout is not that killer of a movie though there is a murderer on the loose who is killing men and women with a giant safety pin of all things. It is not the worst of weapons to use, though it does rank right up there as seemingly ineffective until one sees the killer in action.

The story is paper thin involving a woman who was burned alive in a tanning bed five years previous and a killer who is doing what he does best. It is unknown why he or she does so, though one would simply think it in his or her nature and while it does make this movie somewhat frustrating in a sense as there is no discernable plot, the random killing, the blood and brutality and the copious amounts of T&A do make it somewhat compelling as it leaves the audience wondering just what is going to happen at any given moment. For those that enjoy low-budget efforts of little sense, this film is definitely one that will please whether for those moments of skin on display or the bodies that continuously fall throughout.

Suffice it to say, this movie is incredibly cheesy and given how light it is in the story department, it is a wonder that there is any room for anything anyone might consider as serious though they do try when the cops finally get involved. The acting by those involved is not very good and maybe it is a favour describing it as such but neither is it the worst that one will ever see in a slasher film of this calibre. Another positive that makes it flow a lot better than it might have is the music and while not of the highest quality, one cannot help but enjoy it for what it is as it suits the material perfectly.

With a distinct lack of build-up for the murders that take place, there being no suspense or tension or drama or whatever one might expect, it might seem a little bland and to a degree, that would be true but given everything else, it is still a fun exercise in horror, sort of, for a slasher. Killer Workout may not seem it but it is worth a watch if given the chance, especially if one is simply looking to kill a little time with some nonsensical entertainment.

2 out of 5

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