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A Cruel Mistress – Time Walker (1982)

Time Walker or Being from Another Planet is a movie about mummies and aliens that has to be seen to be believed. Or maybe not. It is not altogether terrible as some might say but there is little to love other than the ending which transforms the movie from horror to pure science fiction. Though it was a little strange to say and a little cheesy, it at least tried to do something a little different than the norm.

It all begins with the find of a sarcophagus in Tutankhamun’s tomb and it is not the leader of men but someone or something else. At California University Professor Douglas means to examine it thoroughly but thanks to a young man named Peter who means to rob the sarcophagus, he accidentally brings the mummy back to life thanks to the x-rays he takes of its body. Said mummy then goes on what seems to be a rampage, looking for his stolen jewels though as to why and what for is unknown until that final scene when all is revealed and Douglas and his reputation are redeemed.

Despite the premise which promises a bit of good horror, there is in actuality, very little. True, there is a mummy that heads off to get back what is rightfully his and a couple people die while others are injured but it ends up being pretty tame with the only thing of note being the speed with which the mummy walks – which is quite fast. Director Tom Kennedy gives it all a steady hand and tries to inject a little suspense into it all but far from enough as the pacing is fairly slow due to the lack of action and the almost nonexistent horror, there is very little to keep one’s attention. That being said, what there is turns out to be half-decent though once this movie is over, there is nothing in it that will ever make a person want to watch it again for any reason whatsoever.

Perhaps the most ridiculous thing about it all is that once the reveal is shown and Douglas is saved, both his life and his reputation, Time Walker ends with a ‘To Be Continued,’ though there would never be a follow-up. Some might call it silly or worse and to a degree, they would be right as there is much about this film that could be improved on many different levels. With all that is wrong though, some of it is right enough and it is somewhat enjoyable to at least make it through to the end.

2 out of 5

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