Teenage Dream – The Immortalizer (1989)

Mad doctor thinks he is pretty smart and for a genius, he is. The doctor knows how to do brain transplants using his own method with a formula that makes it all easier and so decides he is going to make some serious money at a million dollars per transplant. Most of it comes from rich old ladies looking for a younger body but he does not discriminate. He is a good guy that way. One day his thugs abduct the wrong guy and said guy wakes up before they can start prepping him for surgery. He breaks out and after a lot of trouble trying to convince the wrong people that his friends are in trouble, he takes matters into his own hands and brings the doctor’s operation crashing down around his head.

Films with mad scientists or doctors can be good or bad much like anything else and The Immortalizer runs somewhere down the middle. There is a lot of hokeyness to be had, more than its fair share even yet there is enough present to make it worth a watch despite that. Starring Ron Ray as the doctor in question, he definitely fits the stereotypical description of the mad doctor though he is a hatter to say the least though he does know what he wants. Opposite him is Chris Crone as the film’s protagonist Gregg who means to free his friends and his brother before anything bad can happen to them. Suffice it to say, this would not be a horror movie if nothing bad ever happened.

Joel Bender is the director of this picture and he does his best to inject a good dose of suspense though the horror is a little light. The situation itself is horrific and one has to feel bad for the victims whose lives are shortened thanks to those who carry out this sordid operation but as for any real scares, there are none. There is some blood and gore to be had which is done fairly well and some crazy, mutated monsters who do the bidding of the good doctor, usually tearing apart and eating any of the mistakes that he makes. It would have been nice if there were some real scares or at the very least some acting that would have elevated the material to at least give it a little gravitas but it is easy to see that even with the best of actors, it might not have been possible.

There is quite a bit of action to be had which keeps things moving along and one is fairly glued to the screen wondering just who is going to die next, whether the innocent people that Gregg intends to rescue or the doctors themselves. While there is no real comedy to be found, one has to laugh at the ineptitude of some of the characters, wondering just how it is that any of them have managed to survive. Altogether, The Immortalizer is a decent amount of fun, not being so cheesy as to be terrible but just enough to keep it from being good.

2.5 out of 5

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