An Unwanted Gift – To All a Good Night (1980)

To All a Good Night is a ‘been there, done that kind of slasher, offering nothing new to its viewers though the reveal of the killer was interesting as being that there is a certain type that films such as this always rely on in this particular genre and here, that is not done.

Everything that happens in this movie spins out of an accident that happened two years prior when a young woman fell off a balcony to her death. Cutting to the present, a bunch of girls and their boyfriends are having a little party before the Christmas holidays. This of course involves some drinking and having sex and so forth while slowly but surely, they start to get killed off one-by-one by someone in a Santa suit.

Despite the film being heavily cliched as far as slashers are concerned and a fair number of other horror movies as well and with just a touch of Black Christmas for good measure, this is actually a fairly enjoyable little picture. There are better slashers of course, almost in every way but perhaps it is the cliches themselves that make it as enjoyable as it is which sounds ridiculous. The movie is not terrible or as terrible as some might think it even if it languors here and there, churning its wheels until the killer strikes again. The acting is not as good as one might hope either, though in fairness, the script could have used a little polishing to liven things up a little so that there were no moments that dragged longer than they should have.

As for the killings, they were par for the course as far as slashers go, nothing really too inventive or even altogether original but they were slightly fun what with Santa being involved and all and making it a little memorable. It would have been nice to have a little suspense injected into the proceedings so that it all could have moved at a decent, continuous pace instead of just short spurts of horror whenever there was a murder. Be that as it may though, the film was not all that long, it simply needed a little bang to spice things up whether it was more blood or more bodies but it needed something.

At the end of the day, To All a Good Night was not exceptional but it is worth a look for those that like the slasher genre or for those simply looking to pass the time with a light horror. It is not scary or surprising in any way but the ending at least makes it slightly worth the while.

2.5 out of 5

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