When Things Go Very Wrong – Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (1985)

Known by a plethora of names like Cannibal Ferox II, Nudo e selvaggio and so forth, Massacre in Dinosaur Valley is far more exploitation than horror though if one were to find themselves stranded in the jungle with a bunch of cannibals, it would probably be pretty horrific.

The movie features what one might expect from such a film like naked women, assault on such women, macho men, natives, cannibals and creatures as well as some gruesome deaths although the one thing that viewers will note is not in this movie are dinosaurs. That is a bit of shame as the title is a great one, luring its audience in with the promise of dinosaurs doing some massacring, or at least so it infers. Even so, the absence of dinosaurs does not lessen the number of bodies that pile up as the film makes its way from the first act to the last. Written and directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini, the man was no stranger to showing a little skin in his movies and if there is one thing this film showcased more than blood it was that. While not necessarily a bad thing given the subject matter and the almost custom of having it in this particular genre, it would have been nice to see a little more horror present instead, to create something a little different than the norm.

Starring Michael Sopkiw in the lead as a student looking to learn from the man he idolizes as played by Milton Rodríguez until they crash in the jungle, he and a few survivors including Suzane Carvalho and Marta Anderson set out until almost all are killed by one way or another. If there is one thing that Tarantini does right, it is switching up the way each person dies, throwing a little variety in for the audience despite there being nothing in the picture one could call original. Sopkiw is good in the role of hero and he protects the women where he can, especially Betty and when he cannot, he takes out his vengeance upon those who have done them wrong, giving the viewers a little action along the way as well.

On one hand Massacre in Dinosaur Valley is sleazy and ridiculous and of course exploitative but on the other, it has all the right ingredients and ends up being a fairly enjoyable time that fans of the genre cannot help but love.

2.5 out of 5

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