Choosing To Be A… – Lone Wolf (1988)

A wild dog of some sort is killing and mutilating people in town with nobody able to stop it. Enter some kids from different backgrounds – a nerd, the hot girl and the rock star, all of whom get tangled up in the mess somehow and look to do something about it. Turns out that it is a werewolf of all things and the killing is not going to stop until they end it with a silver bullet.

While obviously made on a budget, this low-effort werewolf flick from 1988 called Lone Wolf features some decent practical effects for the most part which shows that the makers of this film at least tried to make it as good as they could. There was some suspense laden throughout and a bit of horror that worked decently enough with some blood and so forth to make it all fit the genre, which it did quite well. The overall story which has been told numerous times over is solid, otherwise, it would not feature in so many movies which leads to the main problem being the script which could have used a little work and the actors which were, for the most part, not very good.

For a movie featuring teenagers, it is almost like whoever cast this picture went out of their way to find the oldest thirty-five-year-olds that they could, which was a bit of a shame for if they had gone to any high school and picked out a bunch of students, they might have done just as good a job as those who starred in this movie. They were not completely awful but neither were they very good, merely there to make this film come alive as it were and at least in that regard, they were successful.

The real horror in all of this was the rock music which was generic and bad. How anyone could go to a club and listen to this is beyond words but then maybe they simply went to drink and this was just the band that was playing. Also bad was the fashion and the hair and if one wanted to know just how bad the 1980s got at a certain point, they need look no further than this very movie right here.

As for the movie itself, there was some fun to be had, mostly from the werewolf and seeing how it was dealt with in the film’s final act. It seemed to take an interminable long time to get there but once it did, it felt like no time had passed at all meaning Lone Wolf might have started poorly, yet it would end strong with the nerd getting the girl and the hero getting to play with his band at the dive bar for the rest of his life.

2 out of 5

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