Issue by Issue – Silverhawks #7

Writer – Steve Perry
Artist – Mike Witherby
Inker – Fred Fredericks
Colours – Evelyn Stein
Letters – Jack Morelli

The final issue of Silverhawks features perhaps their greatest foe yet, aside from Mon*Star that is. Darkbird, the latest Silverhawk has attacked the Bankworld of Dolare and he does so at his master’s bidding, that master being Mon*Star. Most think he is Quicksilver, so alike is he to the original Silverhawk and thus the order comes in for the team to be disbanded. While Stargazer is always keen to follow orders, he knows that something is up and so sends the Silverhawks out to get to the bottom of this mess. During the course of their actions, they meet Darkbird and the evil clone attacks, woulding Steelwill and giving the team a run for their money. Steve Perry and Mike Witherby craft a fun and entertaining tale for this last issue, one that really gives the Silverhawks a challenge more than anything they have faced previously. All of that being said, the fight against Darkbird does not go well so Quicksilver sets off on his own to deal with his doppelganger and while he does well, it is not long before Mon*Star himself gets involved. Eventually, the team is back on their feet and they join back in the fight and at the end of the day, all the bad guys are defeated and a happy ending is had. For a final issue, this book had everything needed to sail off into the sunset, specifically an entertainging story that was quite enjoyable and it would not leave any lingering plotlines behind which some tend to do. Witherby’s artwork was solid much like the previous issues and Perry would do a fine job with the script, not giving the reader anything new per se but delivering the goods much like he would do on the rest of the series. If any future series were to ever make an appearance, it would be great to see the Hawks updated with more modern sensibilities and perhaps being written for a slightly more mature audience but such as it is, this comic based on the television series was all right.

3 out of 5

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