Issue by Issue – Puppet Master #3

Writer – Dave Devries
Artist – Glenn Lumsden
Colours – Dave Devries
Letters – Glenn Lumsden

Titled The Anubis Legacy, this third of four chapters in the Puppet Master series begins with a recap of Toulon’s resurrection before it cuts to those Germans who had been looking for Toulon’s formula and puppets. The formula it seems is one of immortality and who would not want to get their hands on it. Readers then see Captain Loemann head to Cairo, following the trail that Toulon had previously taken and it leads him to a man that knows or has information as to where the temple of Anubis might be, the temple where the biggest secret in the world lies. The man begs for his life promising to get the information for Loemann but he is not long for the world as Toulon’s puppets have also made their way to Cairo and they finish him off before Loemann can get what he wants. Dave Devries and Glenn Lumsden throw a curveball into all of these proceedings, though it is not apparent until the end of the issue and it is fun to see though it does not end the threat that these people who want the formula represent. Such as it is, the man that Loemann was ultimately searching for arrives and leads them to the temple but unbeknownst to Loemann, the tables have been turned and he has walked straight into a trap, for the puppets of Toulon wait in hiding, ready to carry out their deadly intent. Devries writes a good book, this issue is filled with more twists and turns than the previous two though packed with just as much violence and horror. The twist came out of nowhere which made it extraordinarily fun, yet it leaves readers wondering just what is going to happen in the final chapter of this book given what has happened thus far. Lumsden continues to provide some evocative artwork that fits this title and genre perfectly, though if there was one thing that this book needed a bit more of or the series in general, were the puppets. One cannot help but want more of a good thing but it is understandable why they are used sparingly, to build up that horror so that when they are seen, it delivers that punch and they do just that. As it is, a great issue that hooks the reader from start to finish.

4 out of 5

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