Issue by Issue – Silverhawks #5

Writer – Steve Perry
Artist – Mike Witherby
Inker – Fred Fredericks
Colours – John Wellington
Letters – Pat Brosseau

Steelwill gets a message from one of his informants who is looking to meet with some information. Despite the objections of the other Silverhawks, he goes it alone and walks straight into a trap as devised by Hardware and Mo-Lec-U-Lar, on behalf of Mon*Star of course. Said trap hypnotizes Steelwill and makes him an unwitting slave, unable to do anything but follow the commands of the enemy. It is a good thing that Tally-Hawk has been doing such a good job, he discovers what Mon*Star and company are up to and relays it back to the Silverhawks who kick it into high gear so that they might rescue their friend. Steve Perry and Mike Witherby craft a fun tale with this issue, the best in the series as of yet. There is quite a bit of action and the big bad of the entire series finally puts in a decent appearance though he does little when given the chance. After all the heroes, aside from Steelheart have been subjugated, why does he not simply kill them? This being a comic book for children aside, it would have made for a far easier solution than simply keeping them around so that one day, they might get free and rebel. Such as it is though, that is exactly what happens when Steelheart manages to get through to her brother and they end up freeing all of the other Hawks by destroying the Fantascreen. What is also quite funny to see is that when push comes to shove, even when the opportunity presents itself, Mon*Star simply cuts and runs instead of staying to fight it out. Despite wielding all the power that he does, despite being such a fearsome presence in the universe that most cower at his name, he does nothing to really earn it. While all the Hawks are in action, the spotlight focuses on the twins – Steelwill and Steelheart and it is nice to see the title spread the love around a little bit, each issue so far putting that light upon different Hawks. With only two issues to go in this series, it would be nice to see more of what went on here with a true battle between the good guys and the bad guys.

3 out of 5

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