Issue by Issue – Puppet Master #2

Writer – Dave Devries
Artist – Glenn Lumsden
Inker – Dave Devries, Glenn Lumsden
Colours – Dave Devries
Letters – Glenn Lumsden

The second issue of Puppet Master opens up on the scene of Toulon killing himself, much to the frustration of the German agents who have come to find the secret of his magic and his puppets. Suffice it to say, they do not find what they are looking for and it seems, at least for the moment, that is the end of it. All of that aside, the room that Andre had been staying in is now in demand with a famous actor looking to rent it and so whether the puppets are hidden there or not, it needs to be cleaned and prepped. That night, the Germans are back and they do indeed find what they are looking for, but the reality of what is before them is something other than they realize and the puppets attack them. Dave Devries and Glenn Lumsden waste no time in getting to the horror in the book and they begin so at this point, with the puppets making their presence known, the murder of a maid and more and it definitely keeps readers glued to the pages, waiting to find out what is coming next. It is also not long before the guests start to arrive, each of them with their own agenda and Devries spins a web that finds each of these players trying to complete their respective goals without noticing that they are each a pawn in some larger game. Sex, murder, magic and puppets – it is the perfect combination it seems to make for a good horror comic and the book flies by because of it all. Devries does a great job of creating an air of mystery around the creatures and he leaves it all off on a cliffhanger that is both awesome and frightening, for what does it portend moving forward? Helping to make it as good as it reads is Lumsden who has a very unique style to his artwork and though some may not like it due to it looking a little rough, it works extremely well with the man knowing what to put into each panel to make the story work and hook the readers in. So far, this series is hitting all the right notes and it is more than likely that the next issue will be just as good.

3.5 out of 5

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