Four Colour Thoughts – The Boogeyman #1

The Creators – Mathieu Salvia – Writer, Djet – Artist, Nathan Kempf – Letters

The Players – Elliot, Father Death (The Boogeyman)

The Story – Elliot believes in the Boogeyman. One traumatic night, the Boogeyman, so named Father Death, saves his life.

The TakeThe Boogeyman, an ongoing series from Ablaze that publish other great books like The Cimmerian, comes to life in various frightening forms but none more so than Father Death. Father Death is a Boogeyman that is not supposed to exist anymore, as related by other Boogeymen in this first issue as they have wiped out all the ‘old ones’. Be that as it may, Father Death lives and he is currently the Boogeyman that haunts young Elliot. When a Boogeyman convinces a serial killer to enter Elliot’s home and kill his parents, Father Death has a decision to make. He can let Elliot die at the murderer’s hands, give him up to the invading Boogeyman or he can save Elliot. Surprisingly, because his name is Father Death, he does the latter. Author Mathieu Salvia and artist Djet bring this fascinating new world of nightmares to life in the best of ways. They do so with a lead character that one cannot help but be enamoured with even though he is both a monster and most likely a villain though he does not seem to act like one in this issue. To make matters even better, he has a pet wolf – or a wolf-life creature that is also like him – the stuff of nightmares. Elliot for his part is a little boy whom one can see as the Robin to Father Death’s Batman if he manages to survive and stick around that long. The book, despite the action and the pacing which makes it move along at a good speed features tragedy as well and it is of the worst kind, especially for a little boy of such a young age. Perhaps that is why Father Death took pity on the child or maybe it was because when confronted with those Boogeyman who were younger than him, of what was spoken about, was more an act of rebellion than anything else. Whatever it is, Salvia and Djet leave things off with a thrilling cliffhanger that grabs the reader and leaves them begging for more. A great start to an exciting new book that everyone should be reading.

Worth It? – Yes.

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