Issue by Issue – Robocop (2014) #12

Writer – Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver
Artist – Amancay Nahuelpan
Colours – Marissa Louise
Letters – Ed Dukeshire

The past eleven issues have all been leading to this, three men, all of them completely different from the other, facing off in a battle of wills. The head of OCP, brother of Killian, Killian himself and Robocop. Neither wants to give in to the other or do what the other demands and yet there has to be some give somewhere for only one can come out on top. Killian wants to kill his brother for his betrayal all those many years ago while his brother wants to kill him in order to continue along the lines as he has been doing for so very long. As for Robocop, he simply wants to uphold the law and that means arresting Killian for his many crimes and while he tries to do so, OCP will not allow it and it finds the android incapacitated, Killian murdered and OCP standing in the end as it always does. As it is, authors Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver give the book a happy ending for how could it end otherwise as Lewis blackmails the head of OCP with all that she has learned and not only is Robocop back on the streets with a few upgrades but he has a new partner in Lewis and motivation to make the future a better place, stopping one crime at a time. The final showdown that took place was good though one naturally assumed there would be a little more action to it all given how much of it there was in previous issues, but at the end of the day, the makers of this book managed to tie everything up in a very satisfactory way so that it left reader’s fulfilled though still wanting more. Why this title could not continue with a new story is perhaps a question that may never be answered though if one were to guess, it might have had something to do with the licensing. Making this all happen from script to page was Amancay Nahuelpan once more and it not only read well it looked good too. Killian turned out to be an effective villain though not so much as OCP and one has to wonder if readers or viewers for that matter will ever see the downfall of that evil corporation in a manner where they never get back up again. When it comes to Robocop, it was good to see him take a beating, more than one beating and yet continue to stand up for what he believed in and what his programming allowed him to do. A solid series overall that holds up even after a second read-through.

3.5 out of 5

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