Issue by Issue – Silverhawks #2

Writer – Steve Perry
Artist – Mike Witherby
Inker – Fred Fredericks
Colours – Nel Yomtov
Letters – Jack Morelli

While Tally-Hawk is out and about he spies upon the planet Brimstone where Mon*Star and his henchmen reside and learn of a plot to capture Commander Stargazer. Taking that information back to the subject of said kidnapping plot, Stargazer and the Silverhawks come up with a plan that involves letting the villains go through with their plan in order that they might take them down from the inside. So it proceeds and Stargazer is taken prisoner and yet, things do not go exactly according to plan as he thought it might and he may just end up being a real prisoner or worse. Mon*Star is incredibly happy about the results and yet, just when things seem to be going his way, Quicksilver and the rest of the Hawks manage to pull one through, rescue the commander and get away before anything that could not be undone happened. Once again, this comic manages to play it light and loose, with a breezy, kid-friendly story from Steve Perry and Mike Witherby that plays just like an episode of the television series. There is nothing overly serious about it all and there is a vein of humour that runs through it all that fans of the animated show will enjoy. That being said, those looking for something a little more serious in nature will be disappointed, especially older admirers of the property who might remember it being a little harder than it was in nature and to be fair, the series was just a bit more than this book but not by much. So it is a bit of a shame that the creature named Mon*Star is not more of a monster than he is made out to be and Windjammer is not as fearsome as he seems in the cartoon. Good to see was the team working together as one, especially as this was their first real mission, not counting what they did in the last issue during their first appearance. If there is one thing that could be improved upon, it would be seeing less of Stargazer and more of the Silverhawks whom which the title takes its name. Stargazer is alright but seeing Steelheart and Steelwill in action or what have one would be far more preferable. Still, an okay outing that managed to entertain.

3 out of 5

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