Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #31

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Lou Manna
Inker – Bob Downs, Ken Branch
Colours – Shelley Eiber
Letters – Jon Costanza

The thirty-first issue of Young All-Stars also happens to be its last which is a shame, to say the least given how good this series turned out to be. It ends with a bang, in more ways than one and while it wraps up the current story arc and brings back all of the heroes who made up the team of what was called the Young All-Stars, it also leaves a lot of unfinished plot lines which is a little sad. What of Fury and her being unable to be intimate with any man for fear her namesake returns? There is the story of Neptune Perkins and Tsunami and their conflict with the U.S. Government which is very briefly touched upon in a couple of panels towards the very end of this book, yet is not enough of an explanation for loyal readers. Also begging for an answer is what finally happens to Axis Amerika and Baron Blitzkrieg, though readers have to assume they finally get beaten once and for all. There are many stories left yet to tell with this team which sadly will never see the light of day, so it is good that this book ends on a strong note so as to diminish the pain just a little. As it is, Roy Thomas and Lou Manna start it off with the Sons of Dawn standing triumphant which is not to last as the All-Star Squadron arrives assembled before them including those that were called the Young All-Stars. One might expect them to do battle and the creators of this book do not disappoint as most of the issue is essentially one long fight scene between a team of superheroes and an unbeatable force which only gets stronger once Hugo Danner shows up to join them. When things really start to look grim, Arn Munro also makes the scene and it is hard to say if the fight will continue or if it can be worked out between father and son. Suffice it to say, fisticuffs do indeed happen again and when it is all said and done, the Sons of Dawn are defeated not by the Squadron but by nature and Hugo Danner finds that he can no longer live in the world without them. It is a tragedy to be sure and somewhat sad but a fitting end to one who gave up caring about his fellow man a long time past. For a final issue, this one had it all and even some feels at the end as the team stands tall together, one force united against those who would oppress the little guy. It was a good book, a good story and a good ending but not quite a fitting one as it was very abrupt and while Thomas and company did their best, they should have been given one more handful of issues to close it out with a grand finale worthy of what came before.

3.5 out of 5

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