Issue by Issue – Visionaries #6

Writer – Gerry Conway
Artist – Mark Bagley
Inker – Romeo Tanghal
Colours – Julianna Ferriter
Letters – Janice Chiang

Picking up this issur of Visionaries, readers are told that it will be the last which is quite sad given the promise this fantastical world held. That being said, the story picks up from the last with Arzon and Feryl on the hunt for the next crystal while Virulina and Cindarr do the same. The quest is a race against time for if they do not succeed the wizard Merklynn will fade from reality as if he never existed and he most of all does not want that. Be that as it may, the Darkling Lords want the power for themselves and will do whatever they can to make that a reality. So it is that Feryl is put out of commission at least temporarily while Arzon follows their guide, only to get himself in trouble as well by a group of winged men and women who gain the power of flight from the crystal they have in their possession. As readers might guess, this all leads to a showdown between the native peoples and the two sides who are looking to gain the crystal for themselves, albeit for very different reasons. As a whole, this book was a lot of fun but it would end somewhat on a cliff-hanger and in the middle of a storyline with no resolution whatsoever. The letters page would have a small note from the editor saying how they were told of its cancellation as they were going to press with the book, thus there beingn no way possible for Gerry Conway and Mark Bagley to wrap the tale they were telling up. That in itself is the saddest bit as one has to use their imagination to fill in the rest of the story which, while it might be satisfying in one way and let readers do as they wished, it would have been so much more fulfilling to see it in print the way it was intended. The series as a whole was a lot of fun and the characters were quite interesting, many given quite a bit of time to grow on the reader with some still yet to be explored as well as the world they inhabit. Sadly, this book was never really given a chance to grow on the public, nor the amount of promotion it should have gotten what with being a new title. For fans of the show, this book does its best to explore things a bit more, but as good as it might have been, it lets the reader down with this conclusion.

3.5 out of 5

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