Issue by Issue – V #17

Writer – Paul Kupperberg
Artist – Denys Cowan
Inker – Dick Giordano, Arne Starr
Colours – Michelle Wolfman
Letters – Carrie Spiegle

After the events of the previous issue, the book gets a new creative team and takes a jump into the past for a tale of the Resistance and a downed Visitor ship. It is by all accounts, a slight disappointment as it would have been nice to see what happened after everything that went down with Bron and Diana and such. As it is, Paul Kupperberg and Denys Cowan do a decent job of it, the two are good at their respective jobs and the story they tell is enjoyable as a whole, a fun little adventure that sees the Resistance doing what they do best though it is always tricky to do so, never knowing who might be a Visitor in disguise. The most interesting part of the tale has to do with the downed Visitor shuttle, the Visitors aboard thinking they are going to die from the Red Dust if they aren’t killed by the crash or by some human. Wonders it seems, never cease as they live with the Red Dust that permeates the air nullified by the herbs in the tea they are given. When they eventually end up back in the mothership, they give this news to Diana which definitely piques her interest. Given that this story takes place in the past, the story is slightly ruined as one has to know that nothing comes of this as in previous issues, the Red Dust is still very effective at stopping the Visitors from taking hold wherever it is found. Again, this makes it all slightly disappointing at least story-wise and one has to wonder why the book simply did not continue on as it was but DC, at the time, must have had their reasons. Cowan does a great job with the artwork though it has to be said that Infantino is missed with this issue no matter how good Cowan is. All in all, this was a solid outing but it is not the story that readers most likely wanted when first published back in 1986.

3 out of 5

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