Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #30

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Lou Manna
Inker – Bob Downs, Dave Simons
Colours – Shelley Eiber
Letters – Augustin Mas

At the moment, Arn Munro and Hugo Danner are trapped within boulders that have been fused together and try as they might, they are unable to get free. That leaves them free to talk and the conversation is not polite as Arn is frustrated and angry and getting more so as time passes. He is worried about what Danner’s Sons of Dawn will do should they reach civilization and knowing his own powers, he has a right to be so. Danner is as cool as a cucumber and as the two converse, it finally comes out that Danner could have freed himself whenever he so chose, the man being stronger than Munro or the Sons. It also comes to light that it was his plan all along that his ‘offspring’ head out into the world in order to test themselves. That angers Arn even further, more than anything has so far and yet he is still unable to do anything no matter how hard he tries. Roy Thomas and Lou Manna then take readers right into the thick of the action which consists of the Sons maiming, murdering and killing anything that gets in their way. The city of Rioguay has seen nothing like this before and as such, they have no defence against them. There is one person who might stand a chance and that is one Daniel Dunbar, aka Dyna-Mite, who has flown down to be with his parents who are the foreign ambassadors to Rioguay. He sees what the strangers can do and he knows that he is outmatched, outclassed by far and yet he still gets costumed up and puts up a good fight. Sadly, as readers rightly expected, he was no match and is taken prisoner while the city surrendered. Thomas then leaves it all on a cliff-hanger, much like he has done in the past and it is a good one as it promises heroic acts, justice and more as well as a bit of a mystery, such as what it will mean for the future of the team, if there is a team, of what will happen to Arn and Hugo Danner and many other unanswered questions. A fun book from cover to cover that completely entertains but also makes one a bit sad when it is realized this is the second-to-last issue.

4 out of 5

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