Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #29

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Lou Manna
Inker – Bob Downs
Colours – Shelley Eiber
Letters – Jean Simek

In the second part of the latest storyline by the one and only Roy Thomas who is joined by artist Lou Manna, it finds Arn Munro in a lost land where he had been seeking his father, one Hugo Danner. After encountering dinosaurs and the local natives, some of who are incredibly strong in a very familiar way, he does indeed meet his father and it is not as happy a first encounter as one would think it might be. Danner is surprised, to say the least, and he doubts very much that Munro is his son but after explanations are given and stories told, he knows it to be true despite his always thinking he was sterile. Niceties aside, they head back to Danner’s camp and it is there late at night, that he and Arn are ambushed by those that Danner raised and experimented upon in the womb, trapped and unable at least for the moment to escape. These Sons of Dawn are tired of living the life that Danner has deemed they do, they want to go out into the world and while it is quite possible that they will succeed at whatever it is they plan to do, they have no idea what is waiting for them on the other side. Readers have to wonder if this is how the Young All-Stars will come back together if this is the threat that will pull them back into being a team again. As for Danner, he never wanted to leave his little slice of paradise ever again and yet now, with this threat of his own making it looks as if he will have to and one also has to wonder if this will be the last foray for Hugo Danner or when all is said and done, will he be able to melt back into obscurity once and for all. It is hard to imagine what Arn is thinking at the moment but one has to know that at least a part of him wants a dad as he did go in search of him despite the odds being against his ever finding him. So with a little action, a bit of history and a little family drama, this second chapter of fathers and sons turns out to be pretty good.

3.5 out of 5

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