Four Colour Thoughts – Daredevil Vol.7 #1

The Creators – Chip Zdarsky – Writer, Marco Chechetto & Rafael De LaTorre – Artists, Matthew Wilson – Colours, Clayton Cowles – Letters

The Players – Daredevil, Elektra, Spider-Man, Butch Pharris, Stick

The Story – Daredevil is going to save everyone and will do so with a little help from Elektra.

The Take – Continuing off of their incredible run in Vol.6, Chip Zdarsky and Marco Chechetto are back and they pick right up where they left off in Devil’s Reign with Daredevil set to leave the city with Elektra, his brother Mike dead and his personal identity of Matt Murdock effectively buried and gone. For Daredevil, this is the best way forward as he feels that he has done all that he can in the city at the moment, not that crime will stop but he needs to do what he does on a larger scale, he needs to save the world and to do that may just be as the head of The Fist with Elektra. Everything that Zdarsky has been doing has been leading to this and this book, at least the first story in it, serves as a transition between Daredevil’s old life and that of his new one. It sees a somewhat bitter and confrontational Daredevil, one that finds the same old same old has not been working as well as it used to and so changing things up it seems is quite necessary. There is a second story in the book as well featuring Elektra and Stick which consisted of little other than learning that Elektra would now be leading the Fist and Stick had better follow, or else. Altogether it made for a very entertaining read, a good shake-up of the status quo and a good beginning for this next chapter in Daredevil’s life. Illustrating the bulk of the book would be Chechetto whose artwork is as exceptional as ever, the man truly one of the best artists in the biz right now. Finishing off the book would be Rafael De LaTorre, no less exceptional than Chechetto and should he not feature regularly going forward, hopefully, Marvel can find something for the man to do. There is, of course, one thing readers can see coming from a mile away and that is a confrontation with the Punisher who just so happens to be leading the Hand at the moment. How that plays out should be quite interesting and it is hard to predict just who it is that will come out the winner in that eventual battle. While it is slightly ridiculous that Daredevil has yet another number one issue under its belt, it is definitely worth the time and money as this creative team can seem to do no wrong.

Worth It? – Yes.

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