Issue by Issue – Robocop (2014) #3

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Carlos Magno
Colours – Marissa Louise
Letters – Ed Dukeshire

The gun trouble in Detroit continues with John Killian at the center of it all as readers are no doubt aware of. Standing opposite him is Robocop. There is a problem though as Killian has not officially broken any laws, at least not since his release from prison and more specifically, not any that Robocop is aware of which is what will turn the tide so to speak. Another problem lies in the fact that there are now no records of Killian’s previous activities, so catching him that way will also be next to impossible. Finally, though Robocop discovers the location of Killian’s previous arrest and while investigating that area for any clues, he and Lewis think they have found how Killian is smuggling guns and in doing so, run into a bit of trouble. Joshua Williamson and Carlos Magno have been nailing down the look and feel of Robocop in this book just as if it had leapt from the screen. It is exciting and a whole lot of fun to follow the armoured hero around, and it is easy to see this story as part of the film canon the way it rings so true, something that seems hard for many that try their hands at material such as this. Killian might be just a man, but he is turning out to be quite the formidable villain for Robocop, eluding him at every turn and giving him nothing to work with, which in doing so is annoying the cyborg on a level that many might think no longer possible. The character building of Officer Lewis continues and Williamson is making her a much more well-rounded character under his pen, not to mention far more interesting. Out of all the current film and television adaptations being published right now, this is by far, one of the best ones to come out in the last ten years or so. A really great book on all accounts with a hero and a villain that makes turning the pages a lot of fun.

4 out of 5

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