Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #23

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Ron Harris
Inker – Bob Downs
Colours – Gene D’Angelo
Letters – Helen Visek

Things are heating up as Axis Amerika and their Japanese allies are progressing with their plans quite rapidly, perhaps too much for the Young All-Stars to keep up with. They have planned and they are both smart and cunning and as they move forward, it seems all the heroes of this book can do is react, the villains always a step ahead. This comes down to them trying to abduct some more scientists, friends of Oppenheimer so that they might aid the Nazis to build a uranium bomb, a bomb that could very well wipe America off of the map. They of course meet resistance, that being the men and women who go by the names of Neptune Perkins, Tsunami, Kuei and Flying Fox and while they try to stop the evildoers, each one of them falls before the better-prepared opposition. Roy Thomas who pens this tale then takes readers to London where Dyna-Mite, Tigress and Squire look to protect Oppenheimer himself and yet Axis Amerika strike again as Horned Owl and Usil the Sun-Archer bring their A-game and it is far too much for the Young-All Stars to handle. The action in this book is top-notch and much of that is thanks to Ron Harris who does a great job at making it as exciting as he possibly can. It begins almost from the first and continues almost until the last and it paints the villains in both a menacing and competent light. There is, of course, a missing piece of the puzzle and that is the rest of the All-Stars like Arn and Fury who are currently elsewhere and one has to wonder how it will all play out once they congregate back together as a team. Thomas also leaves the book off on tragedy, something that one would not have expected in the slightest and that too leaves questions for the reader such as how will the team move past this event, how will they overcome the grief that is to follow so that they might prevent the Nazis and the Japanese from achieving what might be the greatest crime to ever take place in the history of the world should they succeed? This was a great issue that definitely lived up to expectations and one has to wonder just how it is that the creative team will be able to outdo themselves going forward.

4 out of 5

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