Issue by Issue – Sectaurs #7

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Steve Geiger
Inker – Keith Williams
Colours – Janet Jackson
Letters – Rick Parker

Prince Dargon and his friends have finally discovered a Hyve thanks to some locals they saved from Spidrax and his men and yet, one should never count Spidrax out. He is currently on the hunt for the same Hyve and he means to find it and gain whatever power is inside for himself no matter what he has to do. So it is that Dargon and company begin to make their way inside when they are attacked by those that guard the place – a giant spider named Naurr the Never Sleeping and a giant snake named Vipex. Of course, a battle ensues and it is ferocious in nature but soon there is a pattern to the attacks which is deduced and with a little teamwork and a bit of magic from Mantor, the two creatures are soon incapacitated, at least for the moment. Bill Mantlo and Steve Geiger create a very thrilling tale with this seventh issue, the action being intense, the drama high and the pace never letting up for a second. As it is, there was never any doubt that Mantlo would have his heroes succeed in their quest and yet when faced with power unimaginable and tasting it, Dargon wants none of it. He realizes that nobody should have this kind of power, that it is far too much for any one person to wield. As Dargon gives it up, Spidrax has continued onwards and while he and his men were ambushed and momentarily delayed, they have also made their way to the Hyve and while those of the Shining Realm defend it, Zak realizes that the only way to beat them is with the power of the Hyve and so he takes it for himself and does just that. The power is too much though, which Dargon has already come to find out for himself and so he cuts the power that flows from the Hyve to Zak and returns it back to the world where it belongs. It is an interesting turn of events for Dargon could have used this power to finally deal with the Dark Domain once and for all, perhaps saving a lot of lives in the process which now leaves many questions to be answered. One also has to wonder just how many more Hyves are out there and will they too be discovered, the power they hide waiting to be discovered still. A great book through and through with some truly great writing by Mantlo and excellent work by Geiger.

4 out of 5

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