Issue by Issue – Robocop (2014) #2

Writer – Joshua Williamson
Artist – Carlos Magno
Colours – Marissa Louise
Letters – Ed Dukeshire

Robocop, Officer Lewis and the rest of the force are doing their best to round up all the firearms in the city according to the new law that was put in place. There is some resistance, to say the least, also not being helped by new bad guy in charge, Killian rallying up everyone and their fears into a frenzy. Killian of course has his own plans for Detroit including calling in some old friends, plans that Robocop and the police force are unaware of, but will be soon enough. All the while Robocop is going about his job, unable to do anything, at least for the moment, as his protocols will not allow him to break the law. Joshua Williamson delivers another solid issue with a new threat to everyone’s favourite armoured hero who seems to mean serious business. Williamson must have watched the first movie a few times over as he really nails down the characters perfectly, from the way they speak to the way they act and it is probably the one thing that makes this book work so successfully more than anything else. Having the characters actually feel like they are supposed to is an important factor when putting out a licenced property and thanks to the creative team, that is exactly what readers get. Working with Williamson is Carlos Magno of Planet of the Apes fame and his detailed pencils are a wonderful fit for the book with everything being so stylized and detailed with Robocop looking as heroic as can be. His pencils are also both gritty and electric and they really make Williamson’s words come alive upon the page. As for Killian, he might be a thug and a somewhat generic type of villain but he has the smarts to give the city and Robocop a run for their money which is exactly what the book needs. Riveting and exciting stuff.

4 out of 5

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