Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #22

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Ron Harris
Inker – Bob Downs
Colours – Gene D’Angelo
Letters – Jean Simek

Fury, Arn, Dyna-Mite and Tigress gather at the White House for a meeting with the president and it is there that, after a bit of confusion and fisticuffs, four new heroes dubbed the Young Allies. Fireball, Kuei, Phantasmo and Squire are all from different countries and have gathered together at the behest of the president to go on a goodwill tour with the Young-All Stars. Arn is a little tired of running the tour circuit but the president insists as he believes that one of them might be a German spy. Even more of a shock is the fact that he includes Fury among their number and those of the team that are present agree to follow his orders no matter how much they do not agree with them. Roy Thomas writes a great tale and Ron Harris illustrates it wonderfully and the two not only introduce these new heroes to readers but also give their origins as well which are fascinating, to say the least. While it would never materialize, a Young Allies book would have been a must-buy for fans of this series and of the All-Star Squadron. Suffice it to say, this alone would have made for a fun story but Thomas and company also show the audience what the bad guys have been up to and that means Baron Blitzkrieg and Sumo, two men who have united to teach the Allies that Germany and Japan are all-powerful. Just as the Baron is about to explain what the deal is and why Sumo has been summoned, a man escapes which spurs Axis Amerika into action and Harris makes it all quite thrilling to watch despite them being villains and all. This all leads to a fairly muddled revelation but one thing that is made clear is that Axis Amerika and the Young All-Stars are destined to meet again with the Young Allies playing a part, though just what that might be remains to be seen. More intriguing is just how Fury is going to factor into all of this and if she finds out about the secret orders that her compatriots have received and what her reaction might be.

4 out of 5

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