Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #21

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Ron Harris
Inker – Bob Downs
Colours – Gene D’Angelo
Letters – Jean Simek

Over the Pacific, Flying Fox is doing battle with some Japanese fighter planes and while taking the fight to them, he cannot help but be both astounded and furious at seeing some of those fighters kill themselves in order to deal as much damage to the Americans as possible. The battle is also continued beneath the waves as Neptune Perkins and Tsunami look to stop a Japanese submarine from delivering its payload after which, they discover that there was a second sub that escaped with precious cargo, something they or the navy should have discovered earlier so that they might avoid future headaches and potential losses. Roy Thomas and Ron Harris then head back stateside just outside the White House where a professor is heading back to New York and a cadre of Nazi soldiers who must be clones arrive on the scene to do a little capture or kill. Thankfully Iron Munro, Fury, Tigress and Dyna-Mite are on scene to put a stop to it. As it is, a car speeds from the scene which is mighty suspicious and so Fury hitches a ride with them and follows them all the way back to New York and the action picks up once again with Fury springing into action against the men as they attempt to kidnap an older gentleman who just so happens to be Albert Einstein. The creators of this book then leave it all off with the missing submarine which lands on a tropical island where none other than Baron Blitzkrieg awaits. The cargo is a man named Sumo and it looks to be a joining of German and Japanese forces which is not a good thing in any sense of the word. Thomas writes an action-packed tale with this issue, the book starting off with some great aerial activity and continuing throughout until that last revelation. Harris provides some great artwork to make it look as good as possible for those readers that pick the book up and it would not be a bad thing should he end up illustrating future chapters of the title. As for the team, they are starting to act like a well-oiled machine and it is nice to see how far they have come in such a short while. A solid book in every way.

4 out of 5

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