Worlds Collide – Chapter Seventeen: Hulk/Pitt

The Cast: Hulk, Pitt, Rick Jones, Timmy, Darla

The Catalyst: Timmy just wants his mom. Using his powers causes two monsters to collide.

The Convergence: Hulk and Pitt have met many times throughout the course of history. Now they come together yet again in the presence of a young boy, two titans each looking for something, one knows what that is, the other not.

The Critique: Hulk/Pitt is a crossover that has very little in the way of plot but ends up being a very fun book as it features what every kid, no matter the age, wants – two giant monsters beating the hell out of each other. Peter David sets up an interesting premise that finds Hulk and Pitt eternal enemies so to speak, creatures that have met each other in the past and who end up doing so again with some sort of muscle memory reminding them of their enmity. So it is that even the sight of Pitt sets Hulk off and the two battle it out for most of the pages in this book. Aside from that, it finds Rick Jones called to an orphanage where a little boy named Timmie is in need of some help. Timmie just wants his mom back and with little-to-no background given, he somehow uses his powers to create her which has caused all sorts of problems including the fight between the two behemoths. If there was a negative to all of this, it would be the lack of depth into the various characters, this crossover suited best for those who already have a passing familiarity with them. It is not as if one could not pick up on it but getting to know who Timmie and Pitt are a little better, how they are connected and just what Timmie’s powers comprise would have made for a better read. As for the Hulk, this is the smart, angry, self-aware version and while he might have a grudge against everyone and everything it seems, he is still the hero as he never really hurts anyone in the book other than Pitt. Even then, Pitt and Hulk seem pretty evenly matched and when all is said and done, one can say that neither could really claim a victory over the other. Altogether, the book looked great thanks to Dale Keown and Dan Panosian, it was simply a little light on story but overall, made for a fun time.

The Credits: Peter David – Writer, Dale Keown – Artist, Dan Panosian – Inker, Steve Buccellato – Colours, Chris Eliopoulos – Letters

Companies Involved: Marvel Comics, Image Comics

Chronology: January 1997

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