Issue by Issue – John Carter: Warlord of Mars Vol.2 #12

Writer – Ron Marz, Ian Edginton
Artist – Ariel Medel
Colours – Nanjan Jamberi
Letters – Rob Steen

Having woken the last Orovar completely by accident, the heroes of this tale and those that would oppose them now find themselves in a bit of trouble. While John and Dejah have come to find a way to save their world, others have come to pillage the Orovar fortress for riches. Now that they face a problem in common, namely the Orovar who thinks himself a god and everyone else as chattel, they must band together to defeat the sleeping giant or die beneath his heel. Ever since the latest reboot, Ron Marz, now joined by Ian Edginton, has been crafting exciting tales featuring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic characters with this one being no exception. The Orovars seem like a very interesting race, very much like those beings from Prometheus that seeded Ridley Scott’s universe in his Alien franchise. They are extremely advanced and had plans to colonize other planets until fate intervened and they went into hibernation. Waking up this last one now means that he can continue what they started long ago, which means bad news for Dejah Thoris and John Carter and even worse news for Mars. The dialogue and story are as good as ever with one really standout moment from Dejah Thoris who tells her beloved while they are being attacked that she can look after herself. It is both funny and telling of the differences between her and John, as he is used to the mannerisms and customs of the United States on Earth, whereas she grew up in a very alien land with far different practices. Though he has gotten used to it, John Carter’s gallantry still shines through sometimes and while Dejah might object to it once in a while, one can see that she loves it. So although our heroes were unable to accomplish their quest with this issue and hope might seem fleeting, if anyone is able to save Mars, it is John Carter and his princess, Dejah Thoris.

4 out of 5

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