Issue by Issue – Sectaurs #4

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Steve Geiger
Inker – Joe Del Beato, Mike Esposito, Steve Geiger, Mark McKenna, Pat Redding, Keith Williams
Colours – Janet Jackson
Letters – Rick Parker

Due to the secrecy of their mission which must be kept from those who serve the forces of good in The Shining Realm and those from the Dark Domain who serve the evil Empress Devora, Prince Dargon and his companions are on the run, heading towards the truth which might set them all free. With their fellow soldiers hunting them down, they must find a way to evade them without hurting them and that is easier said than done as the soldiers have no such qualms, believing them traitors. Elsewhere, in the Dark Domain specifically, author Bill Mantlo and artist Steve Geiger take readers to a scene where the squabbles of those who serve under the Empress argue as to who should lead, who should gain and who should serve. It is interesting to see the various members of this rabble argue the way they do, especially in front of their empress and yet perhaps she allows it for it will ferret out the weak and yet at the same time, it will reveal those who have designs on what is hers and she can take care of them before they make any sort of real progress. As it is, Skulk looks to make a name for himself and so aligns himself with Scorpia in the hopes that he will rise above the rest including Spidrax who leads Devora’s armies. While the villains argue, Mantlo puts the focus upon Stellara – the only Sectaur who does not have an insect of her own, the one that was telebonded to her having perished some time ago. it is a good thing then that the heroes have arrived at the sacred cliffs where telebonding takes place once a year. As Stellara makes the climb in the hopes of becoming whole once more, Skulk tries to make a name for himself and attacks, failing miserably and just when Dargon, Zak and the lot look to settle down, that is when Spidrax attacks and he outnumbers them greatly. The book is packed full of action and it begins on the very first page and it lasts until the very last. There is a lot of excitement to be had as well as a bit of drama and intrigue courtesy of Mantlo who is no stranger to such things having written them into a multitude of titles over the years. The man writes a compelling story and Geiger does a great job at making it attractive to the eye. When all is said and done, this issue ends as one might hope and it leaves its readers wanting more – a great ending if ever there were one.

4 out of 5

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