Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #20

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Ron Harris, Michael Bair
Inker – Tony DeZuniga, Michael Bair
Colours – Gene D’Angelo
Letters – David Cody Weiss

After coming off of an origin tale for Neptune Perkins, Roy Thomas and company keep it going by delving into that of Flying Fox and finally resolving Fury’s little problem concerning her alternate identities. It all starts off with the latter as she goes to Flying Fox for a bit of help in figuring out just who she is and so it is that he agrees and sends her down to Erebus where the Furies reside and more specifically, the demon that has haunted her for a while now and made her life so hard – Tisiphone. While there, Thomas goes into the origins of the Furies and by doing so, he also clears up little bits about Fury’s life and all of it is incredibly riveting. By the end of it all, Fury comes back to herself and she does so a whole person but one who now has to live with a caveat thanks to the Furies which is more like a curse, one that will definitely affect her future with Arn. The book then takes a look at Flying Fox who waiting for Fury decides that he too would like to know about his past and the source of his powers and so calls upon his Grandsire to tell him and it is a tale that is even more fascinating and far more engrossing than the first as it does two things – give readers the origin of perhaps the most mysterious member of the Young All-Stars and even more interesting, provides a bit of closure on the adventures of Arak: Son of Thunder and his series which finished on a somewhat abrupt ending. At the end of Arak’s title, it would find him and Satyricus sailing across the ocean to find his people and his homeland and no resolution in sight. In this book, as Arak is distantly related to Flying Fox and the Quontauka his people as well, Thomas links the two together and goes into Arak’s origins as well to explain those of Flying Fox. It is here that Thomas closes the book on Arak as readers learn that he did indeed find his people, that he made them strong again and that they would once again have a home to call their own and yet like all things, Arak would succumb to death and his father, He-No would come down from the sky and reconcile with him and grant the tribe a cloak of fox fur that would give to its bearer various powers including that of flight. This then leads into how Flying Fox would gain the fur, of his death and rebirth and of the Nazis that came to his land which would lead to why he stands with the All-Stars now. The book leaves off with the two friends back in the present and needing some time alone, readers learning all about the lives of the two in one of the best stories this series has ever presented, gaining some answers and looking forward to what comes next.

4.5 out of 5

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