Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #19

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Ron Harris
Inker – Malcolm Jones III
Colours – Gene D’Angelo
Letters – Jean Simek

The final part of The Dzyan Inheritance finds the Nazi named Thule in nearly full command of the Vril while Argor lies dying, the All-Stars held prisoner, Neptune Perkins fuming and the Dzyan under the control of the madman. It all seems quite helpless and yet when Thule and the Dzyan head out to attack an American base in Iceland and Streicher starts talking about what will happen to Fury in Germany with Ubermensch, that is when things start to kick into high gear and the team tries to break free. All of it is for naught though until the nearly healed Kalla, who had been looked after by Frankenstein’s monster, returns and sets the heroes loose. It is not long before the Nazis are defeated for while they might have stood a chance against an unsuspecting alien race, the All-Stars have been battle-tested by this point in time and they are all fired up and ready to go. Roy Thomas and Ron Harris present readers with not only an action-packed story but a fascinating one in some aspects, especially when it comes to Victor Frankenstein II, a monster to some and a creature that has been hiding out for quite some time without any human contact. Meeting Kalla has been something of an eye-opener for him and while nothing really comes of Frankenstein appearing in this story for the moment, there has to be some kind of plan with him going forward or at least one would think so given Thomas never doing anything without a reason. As for Argor, as one might expect the man does not make it though there is a moment where one thinks he might but his sacrifice, for that is what it is, manages to save not only the team but the world and it is all done most intriguingly as it ties up some of the things that Thomas has shown his readers along the way. As for Neptune, the man gains a measure of peace as the Nazis are defeated though one has to wonder if he will gain some measure of the Vril as time goes by or if that particular thread is completed. Thomas and company also have the team part ways with the Dzyan who decide that the Earth is not the place for them and while they might be gone, there is always the chance they might return. When all is said and done, this was a great story arc and one of the most interesting to happen in the book aside from Arn Munro’s origin story not so long before this one.

4 out of 5

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