Issue by Issue – Sectaurs #3

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Steve Geiger
Inker – Joe Del Beato
Colours – Janet Jackson
Letters – Rick Parker

The book begins with a bit of excitement as Galkin looks like he is being kidnapped by Prince Dargon, Mantor and Pinsor and he is none too happy about it. Though he struggles and though he protests, they do not intend on letting him go until they plead their case and make Galkin understand what is going on with all of the strange happenings on Symbion of late. So they begin to relate all of what had happened in the previous two issues and of how those of the Dark Domain were ultimately to blame even though there be a peace treaty. Galkin can still not believe such a thing and yet as Dargon and his companions continue, he slowly comes around and he wonders just why it is that he was kept in the dark so long – by his brother, by the so-called ‘heretics’ and so forth. Bill Mantlo writes with expertise, summing up past events while moving things forward and as such, Galkin agrees to a ruse in which he will play a part, not unlike the way he has been acting of late. For their part, Dargon and company will set out upon a quest – as fugitives so that the Dark Domain and their queen believe their falsehood while seeking out the truth and the secrets of the ancients and the hidden Hyves. Jumping onboard to join Mantlo is Steve Geiger who does an excellent job at making this all come alive and as it proceeds, the two of them introduce a few more members to the team who become defacto villains as well, at least to those who are not in the know. As for those who reside in the Dark Domain, they see all of this and are determined to get to the Hyves first, to claim its power for themselves before the heroes can do so. This brings some of them into conflict with Dargon and his crew and the action is fun and exciting with Dargon getting himself some new armour thanks to a new insectoid. Through all of this, Mantlo plants the seeds of an epic in the making much like he did with the Micronauts and it should be a lot of fun seeing where this title goes despite lasting only eight issues in length. Good in every way that matters.

3.5 out of 5

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