Issue by Issue – Silver Star #4

Writer – Jack Kirby, Richard Kyle
Artist – Jack Kirby, D. Bruce Berry
Inker – Mike Royer
Letters – Mike Royer
Colours – Janice Cohen

With this fourth issue, though it is an exciting one with creator Jack Kirby introducing readers to yet another new character, it is getting slightly repetitive with no headway on Silver Star’s goal which is to stop Daris Drumm from killing all of those deemed Homo Geneticus. There was nothing overly bad with the book in any way, whether in terms of story or artwork but there has been no advancement in the plot and seeing a variation of the same thing for the third time now is making the book seem a little stale. Such as it is, Star is looking for more of his fellow brethren and he has found one in the man who was performing carnival tricks and like some of those before him, Star is not able to save the man from Drumm’s sentence of death. As the book progresses, another voice calls out to him and it is from a man who calls himself Big Masai and big he truly is. Big Masai is looking to quash all those who prey on the weak, to stomp out the criminals in his neighbourhood and while Silver Star applauds the man, he wants Big Masai to join him as well against Darius Drumm as they are stronger together for separately, they both remain targets. Kirby leaves things off with Drumm and it definitely makes the reader want to come back for more as the action within which is sure to continue and the promise of confrontation between good and evil is an attractive one. In the finale of this issue is another chapter of the story entitled Flynn by the creative team of Richard Kyle and D. Bruce Berry. It finds the investigator with the woman whom he saved in the last issue taking up the mystery of the gold that her father left behind and the reason why she was hunted in the first place. It is a mystery that Flynn believes he has an answer to and when they investigate the danger that was present in the first chapter has not yet fully dissipated and it rears its head albeit in a different form. This concluding story was fine enough but it would have been far more preferable to see more of Silver Star than a feature that would not live up to the fun and excitement generated in the lead tale. A good issue overall.

3 out of 5

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