Issue by Issue – Batman Eternal #47

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Kyle Higgins, Ray Fawkes
Artist – Juan Ferreyra
Colours – Juan Ferreyra
Inker – Steve Wands

Gotham is going to hell, almost literally and it does not seem like there is anything that the Bat-family can do about it try as they might. The rogues are loose and someone has given them an unlimited budget to do with as they please. Of course, that means only bad things for the fair city that Batman calls home and so he calls in the cavalry, meaning Red Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl, Batwing and Bluebird. But even if they manage to take out all the rogues, there is still Hush and the mastermind behind all of it. Readers know it is not Ra’s and that does not leave too many more likely candidates to fill the role of evil genius. Once again, the team of writers throws Alfred and Julia into the fire, as if Alfred has not gone through enough, but if readers know anything, he will come out the other end of this okay, maybe a little worse for wear, but at the very least, still alive. Julia on the other hand is a different story and all bets are off though she will most likely make it as well. Speaking of Julia, she has an interesting little meeting with Catwoman and actually gets the better of the villainess – not something one sees every day. The banter between the two is a lot of fun and one can tell that neither of them really likes the other very much. As it is, it is good to see Catwoman still helping Team Batman out, though Selina probably only does so as it helps herself in the process. Of course, there are still many unanswered questions that remain and not very many issues left in the series to address them, but at the rate that the book is barrelling along at, it is only a matter of time before everything makes itself known or at least one should hope so. Altogether, a solid issue but one that needed to ramp things up a bit more to drive it into the home stretch.

4 out of 5

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