Issue by Issue – Silver Star #3

Writer – Jack Kirby, Richard Kyle
Artist – Jack Kirby, D. Bruce Berry
Inker – Mike Royer, Mike Royer Jr.
Letters – Mike Royer, Mike Royer Jr.
Colours – Janice Cohen

Silver Star is looking to put an end to Darius Drumm but he is also still trying to find others like him and when this issue opens up, it finds him sensing someone who is in trouble. As it turns out, it is a woman by the name of Norma Richmond – a stuntwoman who was never in any trouble at all or at least so she thinks, for while she survived the car accident that was staged, Silver Star senses something else. So it is that he transports her and the rest of the television crew away and then when he returns upon request, they find that there was some sort of bomb that destroyed everything shortly after they left. Jack Kirby who writes and pencils this tale then has his hero take everyone to a baseball game but it is not for any sort of enjoyment, it is because Drumm is here to cause tragedy as well and he does just that as Star is unable to stop it. Finally, Drumm has tracked down another member of his species, that of Homo Geneticus and the man he finds is definitely superior to those humans who surround him but Drumm is not there to make friends and Silver Star might be too late to save him as well. Kirby dazzles his audience with the big-screen action he puts down on the page and the book looks wonderful and it reads well enough but it is not very new-reader friendly. The recap that is given only describes what Silver Star is but not what happened previously or why Star wants to seek those who are like him and why Drumm does what he does. Overall it was quite a bit of fun but it could have been far better especially stacked up against other Kirby books from previous years. Also within this tome is a secondary tale by Richard Kyle and D. Bruce Barry entitled Flynn, the first chapter of what is purported to be an ongoing feature. The bulk of the story finds a woman on the run with what looks to be a letter and she is being followed which finds her more than scared of what will happen should she stop. Stop she does at the wrong door it seems for the man waiting there is looking to do her harm for the money she has just inherited and the person following a detective who was looking to help. It was a decent enough little ditty but there was not enough present to call it good or bad. At the end of the day, this third issue was solid enough but not as good as what preceded it.

3 out of 5

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