Worlds Collide – Chapter Sixteen: Warrior Nun Areala vs. Razor

The Cast: Razor, Warrior Nun Areala, Father Gomez, Jermone

The Catalyst: Children are being kidnapped and killed.

The Convergence: Razor cannot stand those that prey on the weak and Sister Shannon, better known as Warrior Nun Areala serves the cause of good which brings the two women into brief conflict with each other before they team up to stop that which is happening.

The Critique: With this issue, it finds two of the baddest Bad Girls from the 1990s come together in their first crossover courtesy of Joseph Wolfe and Ben Dunn and for the most part, it was entertaining enough but it was lacking excitement. That would be a bit of shame considering this should have been treated like a big deal and all parties concerned putting their best foot forward. The story is decent enough as it is something that would draw the two heroines together though it was a little hodge-podge and could have used a little more in the way of explanation and expansion when it came to the introduction of the antagonists before moving on to the meat of the book overall, it would not necessarily take anything away from it all. Slightly ridiculous would be the spelling mistakes and slight grammatical errors found within which would immediately break one from the story to wonder just how these would have happened. As for the artwork, Dunn does a solid job as he usually tends to do with the fight scene between Razor and Areala being the very best part of the book and it was interesting to see Razor illustrated in this style rather than how she would usually appear in her own titles. It would have been nice to see a bigger villain portrayed within, perhaps Satan himself or some such rather than just a minor demon and it would have been far more intriguing to see Wolfe expand upon this cult of witches called the Sorority of Evil that was mentioned. At the end of the day, this was a decent affair that could have been a lot stronger than it was so as to make it worth talking about and yet was interesting enough that it would lead to more crossovers between the two.

The Credits: Joesph Wolfe – Writer, Ben Dunn – Artist, Pat Duke & Joseph Weltjens – Colours

Companies Involved: Antarctic Press, London Night Studios

Chronology: May, 1996

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