Issue by Issue – John Carter: Warlord of Mars Vol.2 #6

Writer – Ron Marz
Artist – Roberto Castro
Colours – Nanjan Jamberi
Letters – Rob Steen

Tars Tarkas and the Warhoons square off against the Kahori forces while on another front, John Carter battles Captain Clark for the last time with the stakes being winner take all. Captain Clark is not playing around and is out for blood as he feels like he has been wronged by Carter in their past lives. Carter on the other hand is not only fighting for his life but for all of Mars and the woman he loves, one Dejah Thoris who is in a bit of a predicament herself. As the first arc of the book comes to a close, it is a bit of a shame that Abhishek Malsuni is not on board to illustrate it but Roberto Castro manages to do a fair job in his absence. The battle scenes are quite good and the opening of the book is perfect as readers see the Warhoons led by Tars Tarkas engage the enemy. The battle between Carter and Clark is a vicious one and it finally ends as it was supposed to with only one man left standing. For those who might wonder exactly which man that was, his name happens to be in the title of the book, not that there was any doubt as to who it might be. Ron Marz has done a great job of reinvigorating the title, giving it that widescreen action feel that was always missing from the previous run. The threat that our hero faced was not only a big one but a personal one and that too had been something that the book needed, not only a villain but one that meant something to our hero, something that would up the ante in a way that other threats Carter had faced did not. A great addition to the title is the White Ape who now considers Carter a friend and it should make things interesting going forward to see just how it reacts to the people of Helium and them to it. All in all, the new John Carter: Warlord of Mars book has been quite fantastic and it will be fun to see what comes next in this title under Marz and whosoever accompanies him.

4 out of 5

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