Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars Annual #1

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artists – Mike Gustovich, Joe Kubert, Brian Murray, Michael Bair
Inkers – Mike Gustovich, Joe Kubert, Brian Murray, Tony DeZuniga
Colours – Gene D’Angelo
Letters – David Cody Weiss

The book opens up on the All-Star Squadron holding court so that they might be able to decide what to do with the younger members among them – specifically the Young All-Stars. While Iron Munro and his team have violated orders given to them, the Squadron also recognizes the good that they did as well. As the trial, such as it is proceeds, Iron and the rest of the team get tired of the kangaroo happenings and decide to leave and should the All-Star Squadron want them back, they know where to find them. That being said, the Young All-Stars think about what they might do should they actually break up. As it is though, they see some strange purple lights coming from the Squadron’s headquarters and it is there, in the sub-basement where Mekanique and Per Degaton have come and where the former is looking to enact her plan of destroying the Squadron. Roy Thomas writes a captivating tale, one that is the culmination of everything that has taken place since the first issue and all of it is the same as it was within the vision that Fury had. So with the All-Star Squadron sunken down to a minute size so that it seems like Mekanique is a giant, they stand no chance at all, that is until the Young All-Stars break in, unaffected by the shrinking gas that made its way through the compound to soundly defeat the monster that Mekanique has turned out to be. Thomas and the artists in this book do a great job at making it as exciting as possible and they do that by packing it full of action, at least during the latter half. Though the first part of the story would contain very little, the amount of drama within more than offsets it and it is interesting to see just what might happen should the team dissolve as they talk about doing so. Overall, while this is not the last readers would see of Mekanique, for the moment she is incapacitated and Per Degaton lives to see another day. As for the team, they remain together – at least for the moment.

3.5 out of 5

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