Issue by Issue – Capt. Storm #18

Writer – Robert Kanigher, Howard Liss
Aritst – Irv Novick, John Calnan

The final issue of Capt. Storm starts off with a bang as the crew of PT 47 runs into a tiger-shark painted sub, the same as the one that sunk Storm’s first command and lost him his leg. On that day he swore revenge and he had thought he had gotten it with a previous sinking of a sub that looked exactly the same. Be that as it may, there is another sitting right in front of him and he means to send it to as deep a watery grave as possible. For a moment, it seems as if series author Robert Kanigher has given Storm a moment of peace as he lets Storm have a little rest and relaxation upon an island where the natives are looking for a little help against the Japanese. So it is that the enemy lands on the other side of the island and Storm along with his men need to take care of the problem and save the natives from certain death. A battle on land and then on sea follows and at the end of the day, much like he always tends to do, Storm pulls out a win against odds that would seem overwhelming to anybody. Kanigher writes a fantastic tale as he always does and Irv Novick provides some great artwork to make it even better. A second story in the book called Which One Has My Name On It? is about a man who refuses to essentially take part in the war despite being in it, quite literally. He is paired up with his Sargeant who orders him more than once to fire back at the enemy who is firing against them and each does he refuse, knowing that he more than likely will be killed as one of those bullets will have his name on it. Howard Liss who pens this story continues along this thread, of the young soldier scared to fight back for fear that he will die and yet, after he and his sergeant are dismissed to face a court-martial for failure to follow orders, they run into the enemy on their way back to camp and the sarge is hit. That leaves the young man on his own and when it finally comes down to it, he strikes back, taking out the enemy and losing his life in the process but in a way, not sad about the way it happened, redeeming himself through his final actions. For a final issue, this book had it all and it was quite fantastic from cover to cover with some incredible action, high drama and creators who knew how to deliver it. Sadly, all good things as they say.

4.5 out of 5

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  1. It’s cool that you did this series…. kind of a forgotten one that not many people talk about. Did they ever reprint this anywhere? I don’t recall ever seeing a reprint of this whole series.
    DC generally did a great job on their War comics.

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