Four Colour Thoughts – Devil’s Reign #6

The Creators – Chip Zdarsky – Writer, Marco Checchetto – Artist, Marcio Menyz – Colours, Clayton Cowles – Letters

The Players – Daredevil, Kingpin, Elektra, Typhoid Mary, Luke Cage, Purple Man, Dr. Octopus, Captain America, Spider-Man, Butch Pharris, Fantastic Four, Jessica Jones, Iron Man

The Story – The Kingpin has killed Matt Murdock to the shock of everyone but not all is as it seems.

The Take – Marco Checchetto and Chip Zdarsky bring it all home in this final issue of this Marvel event and it wraps up a story that has been brewing from the first of their Daredevil run. As seen in the previous issue, the Kingpin has killed Matt Murdock or at least who he thought was Matt Murdock, knowing that he and Daredevil were one and the same and thereby putting all his demons to rest – as it were. Suffice it to say, Zdarsky and company would not make things so easy for the Kingpin nor for the heroes of the story who are facing off against an entire city of mind-controlled people thanks to the Purple Man whose powers have been greatly enhanced. This book, while a Daredevil feature is just as much a story of the Kingpin and while it is interesting where the former is concerned, it is far more fascinating when it comes to the latter. Having risen up to be the mayor of New York City, Fisk should have been content and then having married the woman that he loves in the form of Typhoid Mary, he should have been more than content. Something nagged at him though, the thought that he was missing something within, memories that were no longer there and that he could not let go of. It was a violation and he knew that somehow, Daredevil was behind it and thus where he and Daredevil and readers find themselves now. The events that take place of course lead into the new Daredevil series, whether it is the recently launched book starring Elektra or a new one featuring the Man Without Fear remains to be seen but there have been hints as to the direction it will take and that seems to be where it is indeed going. As for the Kingpin, the man gets his happy ending which might be a bit of strangeness to readers who might have expected something a little different but one thing that they can be sure of is that happy ending or not, this is not the last of the Kingpin as something will bring him back at some point and that will not be a good thing for anybody. Checchetto makes the book look far prettier than most, his artwork truly phenomenal to look at while Zdarsky weaves a fantastic tale that thrills from start to finish. Devil’s Reign has definitely been one of the best events to come from Marvel in the last few years.

Worth It? – Yes.

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  1. I don’t know if this whole thing needed a huge crossover event, but the ending was pretty interesting. I felt that it very much paralleled the theme of “Born Again” in that in a certain respect the Kingpin is his own worst enemy.

    It’s been observed on a few occasions that the Kingpin has basically won by the end of the very first chapter of “Born Again.” Fisk has completely destroyed Matt Murdock without anyone, including Matt, realizing that he was behind it. And then Fisk screws up. Despite all his subtle behind-the-scenes machinations, he just has to get clever and blow up Matt’s house. Fisk can’t help himself; he inevitably defaults to his mobster persona, and that reveals his role in Matt’s frame-up.

    Even then Fisk could still have salvaged his plan. Matt is so far gone that he recklessly attacks the Kingpin, and gets brutally defeated. Fisk could have just killed Matt then & there, or heck, just called the police and reported that he’s been attacked by this deranged, disgraced lawyer, but once again Fisk just has to get clever, putting Matt’s unconscious body in a cab and dumping it in the East River. But Matt doesn’t drown; he escapes, and slowly works to rebuild his life. And from there the Kingpin’s plan slowly but surely unravels.

    Likewise, before “Devil’s Reign” the Kingpin has basically won. He’s the Mayor of New York City, he’s happily married to Mary Walker, and he’s genuinely popular with the people. All Fisk had to do was just continue being a good Mayor, doing the job he was elected to, and which he showed a genuine competence for. Instead he continually defaulted to “thuggish mobster” and he ended up undermining everything he had achieved.

    So just like in “Born Again” the Kingpin is defeated here as much by his own limitations, his inability to transcend his roots, his base, violent instincts, as he is by Matt’s unwillingness to give up & die.

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