Issue by Issue – Young All-Stars #12

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Howard Simpson
Inker – Malcolm Jones III
Colours – Gene D’Angelo
Letters – Jean Simek

The All-Stars have a problem and it is one that they have failed to address so far as it rarely makes itself known but when it does, it rears its head as the Blood Avenger, the darkest side of Fury’s psyche. It does so now when she comes into contact with Mekanique, the robot from her dreams and it resonates deep within her, so far that it sets her off and the Blood Avenger starts to come forth, thankfully to be talked down by Iron Munro. After that, with a few words between them and Robotman who is protective of Mekanique, they all decide to head to Project M, a secret program and facility where Fury might be able to be cured of the monster that resides within her. Roy Thomas and Howard Simpson weave a tale that has a few twists and turns within it for while Project M might be a haven they think of as safe, it is anything but. Within its walls beneath the Statue of Liberty, there is treachery though they do not know it yet and more than that, there is Per Degaton who is under cover of a sorts and just what his goal is, remains to be seen. The man does accomplish one bit of villainy though and that is letting the man named Deathbolt inside and more than that, the Ultra-Humanite or at least his brain as the monster is looking for a new body to inhabit. This of course leaves everything off on a cliff-hanger as the various members of the Young All-Stars and the All-Star Squadron find themselves in a battle they are not prepared for. There was a lot going on in this issue and Thomas wove the strings through it expertly, bringing things full circle with the introduction of Mekanique to its pages. How this affects things other than the current situation remains to be seen but it should be interesting, especially should Fury not be rid of the monster that lies dormant, waiting to escape within her. The relationship between Iron and Fury is as complicated as ever though he does seem to care about her quite a bit, he is just unsure on how to express those feelings and that too will be a storyline to keep an eye on as the book progresses. All of that and a new costume for Iron Munro which does not suit the man in any way whatsoever.

4 out of 5

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