Issue by Issue – John Carter: Warlord of Mars Vol.2 #3

Writer – Ron Marz
Artist – Abhishek Malsuni
Inker – Zsolt H. Garisa
Colours – Nanjan Jamberi
Letters – Rob Steen

Most people underestimate Dejah Thoris. Quite often in fact. It happens with such frequency that it actually becomes a little funny sometimes and so it is that she is using all of her means to convince Vush Tanzar to release her and in return, he will receive her gratitude. It takes a bit of doing on her part, but it is made a little easier as he is infatuated with her, something else that happens more often than not when those of the male species encounter the princess. Somewhere else, John Carter and his crew are racing to rescue her when their ship crashes and throws a bit of doubt on everything because of it. John Carter keeps on with Ron Marz and Abhishek Malsuni at the helm, churning out one of the best stories seen from the character in quite some time when this issue was first published. Dejah Thoris gets the bulk of the issue dedicated to her which was nice to see and to watch her twist one of the villains of the book around her finger like it was second nature was a lot of fun. Malsuni’s artwork continues to thrill and one of the best panels in the book was simply seeing Woola playing with his new White Ape friend, which was a genius move on Marz’s part by adding him to the already formidable and familiar team. It is great to see someone portray the White Apes as something other than simple-minded killing machines for once, as creatures with a bit of depth than just what is seen on the surface. So far the book has been doing a good job at showing the characters we know and love as they should be with John Carter and Dejah Thoris taking center stage most times. Once the storyline wraps up, it would be nice to see some of the supporting cast explored with a bit more depth which Ron Marz will more than likely do. For the moment though, seeing John Carter and Dejah in such an exciting story is reward enough.

4 out of 5

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