Issue by Issue – Inhumanoids #4

Writer – Jim Sallicrup
Artist – Carmine Infantino
Inker – Dan Bulanadi
Colours – Julianna Ferriter
Letters – Rick Parker

The fourth issue of Inhumanoids also happens to be the last and it finds the members of Earth Corps still in battle against the Death Bats of D’Compose. It is not long before the bats are defeated but it remains to escape the cavern D’Compose trapped them in. Soon they burrow out and finally reach the Earth’s mantle where they continue their quest to stop the Inhumanoids from freeing Metlar – the greatest of the monsters. Jim Sallicrup and Carmine Infantino craft a fun story that is packed full of action, one that sees the heroes face down one threat only to be confronted with another and another. All of it leads to a place called Granite City where Granock and what seems like even more monsters, also introduced previously, are trying to fight off Tendril and D’Compose who look to free Metlar from his prison. It is a desperate battle and just when it seems like things are about to take a turn with the intervention of the Earth Corps, Metlar is loose and the Earth Corps takes a hit as one of their own is turned against them. Up until this point, the book is quite a lot of fun and very exciting as things really start to ramp up towards the end of the story, making readers thankful for sticking with the book. Sadly though, this would be the last issue with no rhyme or reason given for its cancellation and lack of continuance. So it is that the story is left unresolved, Metlar free upon the Earth, the Earth Corps left with no funding and stuck below ground with monsters all around them and the Inhumanoids free to do as they wish. Sure, one could imagine what they will and finish the story in their own minds with all three of the gigantic beasts locked up again for all eternity and Earth Corps hailed as the planet’s saviours. As it is though, it definitely was a bit of a letdown, especially considering what Sallicrup and Infantino accomplished in this issue. On the whole, the series was good but ultimately not worth seeking out as there will never be a conclusion unless one is a big fan of the property that is.

3.5 out of 5

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