Four Colour Thoughts – Maestro: World War M #2

The Creators – Peter David – Writer, Germán Peralta – Artist, Jesus Aburtov – Colours, Ariana Maher – Letters

The Players – Maestro, Abomination, Namor, Doctor Doom, Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Leonard, Nuuma

The Story – The Maestro has followed the Human Torch to a city under the waves after surviving his attack. He means to make everyone responsible pay for that.

The Take – Peter David and Germán Peralta continue their tale of the Maestro on his road to conquer and rule all that there is. Doom was foolish enough to stand in his way and he was defeated, as was A.I.M.. Now there is Namor who has recruited his old partner Jim Hammond and the Abomination to his side and yet, even with that kind of muscle on his side, it still might not be enough. David sets a good pace to the events that take place and while Namor and company feel confident in their strength, this is not the Hulk of old that they are dealing with and it soon becomes apparent to them that he is an entirely different beast right now. Things begin a little calmly at first but the Maestro states what he is going to do and unlike many villains that bluff and bluster, Maestro keeps his word and Namor’s family is struck down before him. It is nice to see the Maestro’s characterization kept at a constant no matter who writes him and it is David that knows and writes him best, a cold and calculating beast that realizes his strength is all he needs in this new world, a world that he means to make his own. The artwork from Peralta is excellent and looks even better this issue than it did the last, the visuals for the book are just as good as the story that accompanies it. Of course, everything is left on a cliff-hanger once again as Maestro and the heroes battle it out with those on the side of right, sort of, being transported out of there by a Doom who is not the man he once was but is still alive to have machinations of his own. The end-goal of this series is known as seen in Future Imperfect but the getting there is a lot of fun and seeing it all finally brought to life is the best part of all.

Worth It? – Yes.

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