Issue by Issue – Inhumanoids #3

Writer – Jim Sallicrup
Artist – Jose Delbo
Inker – Art Thibert
Colours – Julianna Ferriter, Paul Becton
Letters – Rick Parker

A number of things happen during this issue, the most interesting one that finds Herc Armstrong, Eddie Augutter, Derke Bright and Jonathan Slattery – better known as Earth Corps, without funding and essentially benched. All of this comes about as Blackthorne, the man who freed Tendril from his prison, sits in a position of power and has convinced the Senator in charge of spending to essentially cancel Earth Corps. Before this happens, they continue to do their job, trying to figure out where Tendril and D’Compose are and it is not long before the four of them run into the creatures once again, putting up a valiant fight but in the end, being no match for the monsters. It is only thanks to the intervention of Redlun and the other ancient beings that were introduced in the previous issue that they manage to survive. Jim Sallicrup who writes this tale then breaks the news to the men about being benched and yet, they refuse to follow those orders as the entire Earth is in peril from the Inhumanoids. Joining them is Sandra Shore, sister of Blackthorne and to say that the men are wary of her is putting it lightly and yet, they welcome her aboard after she agrees to give them a little funding of her own. The only catch is that she be allowed to join them and soon Earth Corps which was a team of four now becomes a team of five. As the book moves along, Sallicrup and artist Jose Delbo immerse the characters and the reader back into the depths of the Earth as they face off against the Inhumanoids once again, looking to prevent them from releasing Metlar, the biggest and fiercest monster of all. It is D’Compose that they find themselves up against and the Inhumanoid is not playing around anymore and as the book leaves off, the Earth Corps is in a predicament that they may not end up surviving. While the previous two issues in the series were all right, the book ends up looking a little better in this latest installment thanks to the involvement of Delbo whose handiwork is a little more smooth in nature. There is a little more characterization present, a little more on Blackthorne, a new team member and more which makes this a pretty fun book overall.

3 out of 5

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