Issue by Issue – Inhumanoids #2

Writer – Jim Sallicrup
Artist – James W. Fry
Inker – Joe Del Beato, Danny Bulanadi
Colours – Julianna Ferriter
Letters – Rick Parker

The book begins with a quick recap before it continues in on the action that it left off on in the last issue with the various members of the Earth Corps. facing off against Tendril and D’Compose. Despite their ingenuity and their technological advances, not to mention the armoured suits they wear, the Earth Corps. is no match for the ancient monsters that have just recently been unearthed. After an aerial attack, the creatures disappear and Earth Corps. regroups to see what their next moves might be. Jim Sallicrup and James W. Fry continue to chronicle this latest action figure adaptation and it turns out to be a much stronger issue than the first. The story continues on a number of fronts, one being with the main team back at headquarters who are doing research on just what and where these monsters came from while discovering that their funding has been cut off and setting out to see just where it is the two creatures disappeared to. The second which follows Dr. Bright who has discovered the prison within which Tendril had been discovered and thirdly, where team member Liquidator has come into contact with another race of beings who originally opposed the Inhumanoids and who give him and the readers a history lesson on all of this. When all is said and done, the book finds everyone aside from Liquidator in a bit of trouble from various threats both human and those that are not. As stated, this issue was better in terms of writing, perhaps due to the fact that things are explained and gone into a little bit more while the artwork is as solid as the first book, though it is nothing to really write home about. It works on most levels but Fry, at least in this case, simply does not wow. One does not expect the best of things on a fairly obscure, four-issue miniseries that was produced simply to cash in on what they were hoping was the latest fad among kids. That all being said, it does call to the reader enough so that they hang in for the next issue, if not the remainder of the series.

3 out of 5

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