Issue by Issue – Capt. Storm #16

Writer – Robert Kanigher, Howard Liss
Aritst – Jack Abel, Gene Colan

Battle of the Stinging Mosquito by Robert Kanigher and Jack Abel opens the book and it does so with some great action as PT 47 commanded by Capt. Storm finds itself in a bit of hot water. Thankfully, Storm is quick on his feet in one respect as he manages to save his crew by using the smoke off of a sub they just took out to hide from a Zero who has them in their sights. As the plane goes down after being shot by the crew, it clips Storm and he winds up falling overboard, waking up in a hospital and wondering how he got there. Coming to, Kanigher gives the hero a real welcome as the Admiral is there to greet him and commend him on a job well done, as is the Admiral’s daughter who thanks Storm a little more personally when Nurse Lea, Storm’s girlfriend, walks in. Storm soon finds himself on the Admiral’s ship while his men remain on the Mosquito boat and to say he is uncomfortable is putting it lightly. To make matters worse, the Admiral’s daughter is hanging on him like a necklace yet that all ends as danger makes its way into the waters. Back on PT 47 due to an accident, Storm and his men detect an enemy sub gunning for the Admiral’s ship and as one could guess, they take care of business as only they can with Storm having fallen off one ship or another three different times. This was, yet again, a fantastic tale featuring the one and only Capt. Storm. My Mother Was a SPAD Pilot is the second tale featured in the book, drawn by the legendary Gene Colan and written by Howard Liss with the title being pretty self-explanatory. Within, readers see a young pilot in the skies, taking on the Germans and thanking his mother for every manoeuvre that he does. When he finally lands, the other men want to know where he learned what he does and so as he relates a story that involves his parents and of how they met each other and of his mother and how she became a pilot alongside his father. It is a fantastical, exciting and adventurous tale that Liss and Colan give life to and it is just as good a read as that which Kanigher wrote during the first half of the book, perhaps even better. It cannot be understated just how great a read this title is, issue after issue, a book well worth hunting down if given the chance.

4.5 out of 5

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