Issue by Issue – Starriors #3

Writer – Louise Simonson
Artist – Mike Chen
Inker – Ian Akin, Brian Garvey
Colours – Julianna Ferriter
Letters – Joe Rosen

Reeling from the battle in the last issue, The Protectors have a lot to mourn for and a lot to think about and no time to do either. Thankfully they have the Transfer Ring so that they might heal their wounded, both in body and mind and it helps for their quest to find mankind and awaken them is going to need the Starriors sound and fully healed in every way if they are to survive. As for the Destructors, they too are licking their wounds, the Transfer Ring having been stolen and their leader a paranoid control freak who is bound to kill anyone for speaking out of turn. As it is, he is looking to destroy the Protectors, silence any opposition against him and prevent mankind from ever waking up in this new world that he rules. Louise Simonson and Mike Chen do a great job on this third issue of the series, it being less confusing than the previous two with some of the characters getting some real personalities. The traitor which has been hinted at since the first issue has been revealed and it cuts deep while a clue as to where their creators might lie has been found, a scatter-brained robot perhaps holding the key though once again the Destructors are hot on the trail. Simonson peppers the book with some good dialogue and it is interesting to see the robots on each side of the line evolve so much compared to where they started out in the first issue. As it stands, the Protectors look to be more aggressive, finally understanding that if they do not evolve, if they do not fight, they will not live to see mankind rise up once again, much less live to see anything. One has to expect that things are going to end badly for the Destructors as they cannot keep doing what they are doing, following orders as blindly as they do. With one more issue to go in this series, Simonsen and Chen have a lot of ground to cover before everything wraps up and hopefully it lives up to everything that this issue has hinted at.

3.5 out of 5

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