Issue by Issue – Inhumanoids #1

Writer – Jim Sallicrup
Artist – James Fry
Inker – Joe Del Beato
Colours – Julianna Ferriter
Letters – Rick Parker

Based upon the toyline of the same name, Inhumanoids begins with them having been gone from the world for quite some time as mankind has a firm hold upon it and yet, they mean to make a return to it, part by chance and part by design. Written by Jim Sallicrup, the man does nothing extraordinary with the material, serving it up fairly straightforward in nature which is not necessarily a bad thing while James Fry gives readers some serviceable artwork that details what is going on without trying to overwhelm or underwhelm the audience. It all starts when a giant piece of amber is found with what looks to be a dinosaur of some kind preserved within. It is a find that happens once in a lifetime and unbeknownst to those who discovered it, they are in for a world of trouble. Enter Herc Armstrong, leader of Earth Corps and a man named Mr. Shore, two very different people, one who looks to protect the Earth while the other’s intentions are seemingly the opposite. As Mr. Shore’s oil rig drills deep below the Earth, he finds what he is looking for – a being named Tendril, one of the fabled Inhumanoids and the monster does not look friendly in the slightest. Elsewhere, as a gala proceeds with the centrepiece being the amber mummy, it turns out to be very much alive and it is a creature named D’Compose. It is not long before Tendril shows up to free his imprisoned comrade and though the armoured Earth Corps members under the leadership of Herc try their best to stop them, it is all for naught and the monsters roam loose upon the world. Overall, as a first issue, this book would do what it needed to do but it was not the most exciting venture to be let loose in all of comicdom and hopefully as the series progresses it picks up in terms of action and story. The Earth Corps is interesting as far as one can tell at this point and it would be nice to see their origins as well as the story behind the Inhumanoids as it all moves forward. Altogether, a decent start.

3 out of 5

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