Issue by Issue – Batman Eternal #36

Writer – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, Tim Seeley
Artist – Fernando Blanco
Colours – Marcelo Maiolo
Letters – Steve Wands

Suffice it to say, and it is not much of a spoiler, but Batman does not die in his car as was hinted at in the last issue. Killing off the star of one’s book is not generally a good thing so instead, he is saved by some quick thinking by Julia Pennyworth after which he goes to confront Jason Bard. Batman Eternal delivers the goods once again and sees the history of Commissioner Bard come to light thanks to the efforts of Vicki Vale. To say that the man is obsessed is putting it lightly and it was just a little bit of a letdown to see the man get away with everything he has done though who is to say he does not pay for it in the future at some point. There is still a mystery going on though as there are many things that fail to add up and are not due to the actions of Bard or Hush. This issue also brings Harper Row back into the picture after having been absent for quite some time, as well as the problem of the nanites that were introduced much earlier in the series. Even though most of the main problems that faced the Dark Knight and his compatriots are over, there are still many more to solve and it looks like the book is far from over having been left on a bit of an ending that promises a lot more to come as there is still the ultimate puppet master to deal with. With appearances from Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl and Alfred, the book is not short on heroes with each of them playing a part in the story though it would be Julia who would steal a bit of the spotlight in this issue. Featuring some great pencils from Fernando Blanco, the title continues to be a great read though it would be nice to see a consistent art team on the book even though the rotation has not hurt it in the slightest. When it is all said and done, the book entertains and the writers of this title definitely know what they are doing as this book is always enjoyable no matter the given issue.

4 out of 5

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